Build India Fellowship

January 31 - July 30, 2021

About Build India Fellowship

We'll give you capital ($10,000), mentorship, network, and help you with anything you need to build great things. What we ask in return is your singular focus on building public good software for six months. Consider this a very high paying internship or one major side-project.

Once done, we'll have micro-funds and companies who'll see if they want to invest in you and take your project forward. We'll also have select companies hiring directly out of the program — companies where we know your technical talents will not go under-appreciated.

Read the original essay about the Build India Fellowship here.


We are open to funding individuals as well as teams working on something together. No absolute rules, but do ensure that what you plan to make actually requires that many people. The grant amount will remain the same for individuals as well as teams though.

Work on something that the world should really have, but is unlikely to get unless you make it. That includes things you know really well, or things nobody will otherwise get paid to make, or things people don't know they need. If you already have some expertise in the domain, if you've worked on something like this before, and it aligns with your long term ambitions, those are big pluses.

By default, all projects funded through Build India Grants will be open source. However, if you have made substantial progress before receiving the grant, or have a viable plan to make a business out of it that requires secrecy, we're open to making exceptions.

It would be best if you are 22 or younger at the time of the application. The cutoff date is 01/01/1998, and if you're born before that, you are unlikely to be selected.

Yes, if you don't require the entire grant, let us know, and we'll give you a more appropriate grant for your project. This will make your funding much more likely and allow us to support multiple smaller projects in the same cohort.

Even though your work will be self-driven, you will be paired up with an appropriate mentor from our network to guide you whenever required. We will organize talks for the cohort to expose you to niches and have cohort meetups to discuss progress so you can help each other out. If there's anything else you think should be done, do let us know in your application.

Be truthful. Avoid too many adjectives and exaggeration. Use spellcheck. Dive into the details wherever appropriate.

January 31 - July 30, 2021